Running Java AIM Bot

After configuring the properties of your bot, you are ready to run it. If you are running from a binary distribution you should see the following layout:

	|-- conf
	|-- docs
	|-- jaimbot-1.4.jar
	`-- lib


You should have a Java 1.4 JRE in your path and open a shell at the root level of your Java AIM Bot install. Then type the following for windows:

java -classpath "jaimbot-1.4.jar;lib\rdf-1.0.jar;lib\megahal-1.0.jar;conf" com.levelonelabs.aimbot.AIMBot

And for unix-like operating systems:

java -classpath "jaimbot-1.4.jar:lib/rdf-1.0.jar:lib/megahal-1.0.jar:conf" com.levelonelabs.aimbot.AIMBot

To run Java AIM Bot from a src distribution you must compile it using your IDE or by typing:

ant compile

You can then run the bot as shown above but point to your build directory ("build/classes") instead of the jaimbot-1.4.jar.