Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 13 Total Number of Files Changed: 34

2005-09-18 19:10:09Scott Oster

build.xml v 1.8

project.xml v 1.18

conf/ v 1.13

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.20

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/ v 1.5

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.9

xdocs/start/configure.xml v 1.3

xdocs/start/run.xml v 1.5

clean up and prep for 1.4 release
2005-09-18 18:35:15Scott Oster

project.xml v 1.17

added snaphat as a contributor removed unused reports
2005-09-18 18:34:26Scott Oster

docs/release_process.txt v 1.2

spelling error
2005-09-18 18:34:42Scott Oster

xdocs/navigation.xml v 1.5

removed old link
2005-09-18 18:34:18Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.19

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/ v 1.18

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.3

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.5

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.8

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.5

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.4

cleaned up a few things after running findbugs
2005-08-26 01:45:10Scott Oster

docs/TODO.txt v 1.1

added todo
2005-08-26 01:42:43Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.6

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.18

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.5

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/ v 1.4

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.3

remove saveConfig (automatically done in TOC2) fixed state parsing problem in buddy groups (now default to default group if saved group was invalid)
2005-08-25 23:50:59Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.17

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.4

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/ v 1.3

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.4

added ability to permit/deny through bot module and rolled into useradminmodule
2005-08-25 22:38:15Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.16

removed autosetting of permit mode on deny/permit... need to think how bot should handle this
2005-08-25 22:24:26Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.15

*** empty log message ***
2005-08-25 17:39:19Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.14

src/com/levelonelabs/aim/ v 1.3

migrated to TOC2 (AOL just droped TOC1 support) added code to attempt to get status updates for buddys that we think are offline but might not be (greater than max number of AOL permited buddies)
2005-08-25 17:38:01Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/ v 1.17

*** empty log message ***
2005-08-25 17:37:33Scott Oster

src/com/levelonelabs/aimbot/modules/ v 1.2

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